What is zombieXperience?

zombieXperience is a true to life and realistic 3 hour survival event. With sites across the Midlands we bring the zombie apocalypse to life. For 3 hours you will try to accomplish missions in your given scenario, whilst avoiding (or slaying) our walking corpses Armed with only one gun and limited ammo

How much is the Xperience?

All our events (excluding the overnight events) are £60 per person all inclusive 

We are the best priced zombie event in the country!

How many can book?

We run events with 24 survivors. You can book as many or as few as you like. Our events are normally a mixture of bookings from die hard zombie slaying wannabes..

Exact site locations are given to survivors 48hrs before the mission commences, survivors will be given a rough location beforehand just so travel can be arranged for the day.

Once you arrive on site you will receive your mission briefing and the all important weapons training.

What weapons will I be using?

You will be using life like guns, ranging from pistols to fully automatic assault rifles, but be warned, your ammo is not unlimited, use it wisely.Training will be given in your mission briefing.

Can I use my own weapons?

The only own weapons we allow survivors to use other than what we supply, are your skill – braun and will to live

How do I kill the undead?

Quite simply,you shoot them! Our zombies are actors, real live people. As much as we would allow you to shoot them in the face, they wouldn’t take to kindly to it. But we have several boss zombies that can only be eliminated with head shots.. you
will be advised in your briefing on which ones these are.

Can I be infected?

In short, yes. You need to do your best at all times to not be infected.. Should you be bitten, then you will have a short amount of time to find a vaccine, otherwise, you will turn…..
And no one wants that! We actually give you something to fight for, this is no guns blazing Rambo experience, you need to use your head as well as your gun!

How many people can take part?

We can run groups up to 30 people per event with ease. Our sites vary from massive outdoor sites, to large indoor factory sites.

Can I just turn up without booking?

No, all events are done to pre-order and booking via the website.

From what age can I join in the zombieXperience?

The minimum age for the event is 16,anyone under the age of 18 will have to have their parents/guardians fill out a parental consent form. We will shortly be holding events especially geared towards the younger generation.

Do you take group bookings?

Yes, please see the contact page to get in touch.

When does the event run?

Events run on a Saturday and select Sundays

Are there any extra costs on the day?

We will have merchandise for sale, refreshments,grenades (smoke and flash bangs), upgraded weapons

Will I get hurt?

Not going to lie, you will be pushed, you will get bruised!

Who can attend?

Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to take on the zombieXperience!!

This is obviously just a general outline of popular questions. Should you have any further queries, please either use the contact us link or shoot me an email
to info@zombiexperience.co.uk